“Supersize me” surprises me

Super Size me is an excellent documentary by Morgan Spurlock on his experiment of 30-day exclusive McDonald’s diet. It was filmed in 2004 in the US. I have heard about it several years ago but never had the chance to watch the entire film. Since I am writing about fast food in my previous post Why fast food is not banned?, I finally sat down for two hours and watched it without taking a pause. Here is the full film on Youtube. If you have free time, do watch it. If not, find some time to watch it please.

The film contains tons of information on diet, fast food industry, eating behavior of Americans, obesity, politics and so on. There are several points really surprised me:

  1. After 20 days of McDonald’s diet, Morgan had liver damage! The same level of damage of an alcohol abuser. Even his doctors couldn’t believe it. A diet that can damage one of your major organs in 20 days and millions of people are eating it everyday! This world is crazy, isn’t it?
  2. US has passed a law called “Cheeseburger bill” to ban people from suing fast food companies for harming their health and 26 states accepted the bill. WTF??? A law that forbids consumers from suing the food producers? Does anyone think this is rational? What about a law that bans drivers from suing car manufacturers, or that bans patients from suing the hospitals?
  3. Most schools in the US serve unhealthy food for lunch and physical activity classes are not mandatory. Ya right. While all the public health professionals are advocating healthy diet and physical activity, the children are learning to eat crap and stay inactive in their schools. It is surely an ideal country to raise up your kids, dear parents.
  4. People do not even know what a calorie is! What??? What kind of education they are getting? Do they simply stuff whatever in their months everyday without ever thinking about their health and well-being? Now I understand why my blog doesn’t have many followers because most of the people have no idea what I am talking about! Jesus!
  5. Parents think McDonald’s is healthy. Well, if they don’t even know what calorie is, I am not surprised that they think so. Media is filled with advertisements by fast food companies. They impose images of “healthy and happy” life and link them with their unhealthy products to make people believe they are a healthy option. And they are super good with marketing, especially with children.

You should definitely watch the film no matter you eat fast food or not. I am sure it will surprise you in one way or another. We need more people like Morgan in our society to fight for a healthy future for us and our children. If you care about your health and your family’s health, be courageous and voice your opinions.

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