Evolution is selecting skinny people?!

After writing the post Obesity and Evolution, this topic keeps on running at the back of my brain. This morning I suddenly realized evolution has already found its solution! The hard to tell truth is evolution is selecting skinny people! This is the mechanism it finds to fight against obesity. It did not create any new physiological process in our body. Instead it relies on our negative perception of obesity to work its own way out! How clever it is!

The purpose of evolution is not to keep each and every one in the species. It is to select those fittest for survival and let them grow and reproduce.

Just think about the obesity issue from the opposite side : why not everyone is obese? With the abundance of food all year round, and our body’s “store-that-calorie” mechanism, how come there are still skinny people everywhere? Isn’t it against the nature? That’s the key. People have already developed their own way to keep away from extra fat even though they are surrounded by high calorie food. And this makes them more physically fit, have lower chance of getting sick, higher chance of living longer and even more likely to find a partner. Thus they are the fittest for survival selected by evolution and they will pass on their skinny way to their offspring.

This theory is dangerous. It can leads to discrimination against obese people, which already exists. But if we leave out the consequences for the moment and look at the theory itself: is it TRUE?

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