Obesity, Hunger and Food Waste

Some people are eating too much, some are eating too little and a lot of food is wasted every day. Obesity, hunger and food waste are global issues that we are all aware of. Though most of us think it has nothing to do with us: obesity is common, hunger is elsewhere and food waste is out of sight. You may believe that as a powerless individual, you can’t do much to change the situation.

The fact is every one of us is contributing significantly to these problems, intentionally or unintentionally. The cause of these problems is deeply rooted within us. We are eating food everyday. We are interacting with the food system all the time, going to supermarkets, eating at restaurants, cooking at home, snacking at work, etc. We are essentially the major part of the global food system, the consumers. Are we, the major part of the system, actually causing the problems of obesity, hunger and food waste? The answer is YES.

We are the ones who buy the food and consume the food. We are the driving force of the food system. Our food choices determine the price of the food, the type of food, the amount of food produced, as well as where the food goes. The following table shows how these factors are related to obesity, hunger and food waste:

Problems Causes Factors
Obesity Consuming too much processed food, fat and sugar. Type and amount of food produced.
Hunger Cannot afford food;

food is not available.

Price of food;

where the food goes.

Food waste Cosmetic filtering; excess of food; animal feeding; Type and amount of food produced;

where the food goes.

The factors that are determined by our food choices are exactly the causes of the global issues. So if we can change our food choices, we can have an impact on the causes of the problems, and thus improving the situation. The purpose of this blog is to find out the causes of these issues and what we can do to change the situation.

By changing ourselves, we can have the power to solve these problems. Let’s work together to get the right food to the right people, at the right place, right time.




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